Shanxi Agricultural University in Taigu was founded in 1907. It is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university under the Education Commission of Shanxi Province. It is one of the key universities of the country. The university campus, covering an area of 1,442,000 sq. Meters, is 50 kilometers from Taiyuan……

1. Present Overseas Partner Universities:
2. Relations and Intentions:
3. Alumni Abroad :
4. Present Foreign Teachers and International Students:
5. Students Planning for further study in Germany:
6. Experts on Short-term Visits:

1. Requirements:
2. Treatment:
3. Work responsibility:
4. Working hours per week:
5. Application:
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1. Programs for the foreigner students:
2. Time of learning:
3. Commencemeant date of fall and spring term:
4. Courses:
5. Qualification of application:
6. Application and Admission Procedure: 

Shanxi Agricultural University sincerely welcomes scholars, and researchers worldwide to come to university to lecture, conduct cooperative projects, and give technical instruction. We will work hard to provide the best service……

Dear members,
If you see our university's homepage by chance, and find your information is not here, please contact us and we will add your information on this page. Thank you!

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